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By November 17, 2016 Media



Leah Cohen, Journalist

Yahoo!7 Lifestyle, Yahoo!7 Pty Limited

17 November, 2016

The DISGRACEFUL LEAH COHEN, the gutter journalist of Yahoo 7 Be.

She just is a liar who never checks the facts and writes stories to denigrate her subjects.

Her employer should note that she is just a disgrace and must terminate her employment immediately.

Every story this disgraceful excuse a journalist is replete with lies.

Her latest disgraceful entry on Yahoo7B has so many lies that she can no longer be regarded as a gutter journalist but in fact is a sewer rat.

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  • Literary critic says:

    She makes a living writing diatribe. Hopefully one day she’ll redeem herself and actually write something of value. We can only hope…

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