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Fiona Byrne, Journalist

Herald Sun, News Corporation ASX:NWS, August 9, 2012

Byrne in her depraved, unbalanced, unfair, biased stories ignores the damaging affects they have on her subjects.  There are no public interest considerations, only her own prurient interests.

DAMON JOHNSTON, Editor of the Herald Sun, has been entrusted with the carriage of one of News Limited’s most valuable Australian publishing assets and his previous stellar reputation has been sullied by his permitting Byrne to write stories which are not factual, omitting serious matters and therefore misleading the public by implication, despite being provided with the truth. These occurrences are so serious Johnston must give immediate consideration to terminating Byrne before she causes more damage and litigation which would inevitably involve Johnston.

To base a number of stories on concoctions and fabrications, and just plain lies of an informant known to the police as a stalker, is an alleged thief and defrauds her creditors – 8 unsatisfied judgements against her – despite Byrne knowing these facts and allegedly inducing a breach of contract, is intolerable.

Byrne mentions in a critical manner disposal of a motor vehicle, but fails to mention its replacement with two new and more valuable motor vehicles. Why does she stoop so low? Mr. Johnston, you are required to immediately terminate this purveyor of gutter journalism.

When offered information which did not suit her slant, she said “I’m not interested.” Why let the truth get in the way of her dishonest musings and scandalous lies.

Damon Johnston, you owe it to the public and your employer to investigate Byrne’s dishonesty and omission of important factual information and terminate her immediately.

FIONA BYRNE, you deserve to be acclaimed Australia’s Worst Journalist.

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  • Tanya says:

    I couldn’t agree more. AUSTRALIA’s WORST JOURNALIST!!!

  • Tanya says:

    Fiona Byrne is a horrible person. I’m not sure how she lives with herself. I wonder if she was let go by the herald sun. It sure looks that way after seeing the rubbish she wrote. Embarrassing journalism.

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