Adam Shand : A Current Affair : Shand Threatens AWJ Contributor

A Current Affair, Nine Network Adam Shand, A Current Affair, Nine Network

Adam Shand, Presenter

A Current Affair, Nine Network (CEO: David Gyngell), Nine Entertainment Co. (Chairman: Peter Bush), CVC Capital Partners Limited (Partner and Group Finance Director: Mark Grizzelle)

UPDATE 2: This journalist has contacted one of the contributors to this site and threatened him.

It is our clear aim to present accurate information in addition to contributors’ views. Shand claims he wasn’t fired by Channel 9. The editor of this site was told by an executive producer at Channel 9 that “Shand was no longer a reporter on A Current Affair because the channel did not support the quality and manner of presentation of his work.” Numerous contributors have agreed. This site invites any of the subjects whose names appear here to pursue any grievances by formally sending their submissions by email.

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