Dianne Butler : news.com.au : Ugly, No, Extremely Ugly, Incompetent Journalist

news.com.au, News Corporation Dianne Butler, news.com.au, News Corporation

Dianne Butler, Journalist

news.com.au, News Corporation ASX: NWS, October 2, 2012

This ugly, no, extremely ugly, incompetent journalist has struck it rich.  She is employed by News Limited despite lacking any talent deserving employment by any media organisation.

Of course, her being so unattractive ensures only print media would be open to her, but her stories are accompanied by a small facial photograph which is a powerful emetic.

None of her stories are accurate, and in fact, are so inaccurate that they are defamatory.

Her review of “My Bedazzled Life’ is so inaccurate and negatively biased that Damon Johnston should send her on her way.  There is no place for a writer to misuse her position to criticise a subject, when she knowingly lies.

Dianne Butler, you are so trashy you even make Annette Sharp look good.

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