Ben Butler : Herald Sun : Appalling Lack of Any Business Knowledge

Herald Sun, News Corporation Ben Butler, Herald Sun, News Corporation

Ben Butler, Journalist

Herald Sun, News Corporation ASX:NWS, 23 September, 2009


Herald Sun – 24 September, 2009 (repeat)

The title ‘business affairs editor” appears under his name, but his articles display an appalling lack of any business knowledge. There is no doubt that despite his ability to confirm a proposed story as being factual, he is not disposed to do so. This allows him to write a story embellished with incorrect facts, and worsened by ommission of explanations, which instantaneously destroys the foundation of the story.

The public should be aware that this ‘journalist’ and his editors set out to deliver a sensational story, more often than not, as a lead news story but deliberately avoid enquiring of the truth of the matter.

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