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Jill Singer, Journalist

Herald Sun, News Corporation ASX:NWS, Nov 30, 2011

Jill Singer has authored an article on Page 35, Herald Sun, November 30 which holds Dr Geoffrey Edelsten up to ridicule and contempt, and is in fact defamatory.  Singer does not know the Dr and her article is based upon media material which has not been properly researched, if at all.

Her effort is disgraceful, and her vitriol and sarcasm based on complete untruths has caused her to be voted one of Australia’s Worst Journalists, see Australia’s Worst Journalist Awards 2009 and Australia’s Worst Journalist Awards 2010.

Dr Geoffrey Edelsten submits the following;

If I can deal with the offending matters in turn:

I do not seek fame, but the media find my achievements worthy of reporting.  I would prefer my anonymity.

I have no ego demanding publicity.  I am sought by the media – it never has been any other way.

Singer, through her own ridiculous machinations, virtually ended her own career.  News Limited are very kind to still use someone who is incompetent and has created a story which is untrue, and if a modicum of research had been done, she would have found that there were no charges of ‘ripping off Medicare’ – absolute nonsense.  The person trying to kill me and my former wife was never a ‘former patient’.   I met him for the first time at his trial.  Hardly a doctor patient relationship.

One would have presumed that she would have read Enigma, and then her sarcastic comments would have found their way into the rubbish bin.  The Hon. Peter Connolly QC, a former Justice of the Queensland Supreme Court, and numerous QC’s have found that the trial miscarried, and that the Judge misdirected the jury, and there was no evidence capable of a finding of guilt.  Applications are being prepared to have the conviction quashed.

Academic awards that include 7 Masters Degrees from Australian Universities, to my knowledge unequalled, has been deliberately excluded.

Her use of the term honourable is ludicrous in the light of her own disgraceful career.

If there was even a slight effort to be fair, then the delivery of more than 20,000 babies, the saving of numerous lives in impossible situations, the determination of ‘Australian Doctor Weekly’ that I have been one of the most influential GPs of all time, and one of few who have left a lasting legacy, and my Superclinics and championing bulk-billing, has made an enormous difference to Australian medicine.

Where does she mention the more than $2 million in philanthropic donations in the last 3 years?  She does not know what the word ‘honourable’ means.

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