Paul Toohey : Herald Sun : King Of The Sewer Rats



Paul Toohey, Journalist

Herald Sun, News Corporation ASX:NWS, December 14, 2014



Many of the previous nominees are purveyors of gutter journalism and can best be described as gutter rats.
There is now a number of media contributors whose work is so evil, full of lies and fabrications with no attention to the truth and failing any efforts of due diligence.  PAUL TOOHEY is such a person

Whilst Fairfax writers dominated this area until recently, there has been a major move to News Limited. On Sunday 14 December 2014 sewer rat Toohey wrote a story about Geoffrey Edelsten which was replete with lies, was mischievous, vicious and deliberately misleading.  The story was run over several pages and more than 50 points made were false, fabricated and designed to cause harm.

  • The ATO has never issued assessments for the sum mentioned – COMPLETELY FICTITIOUS
  • The sum claimed to be spent monthly was nearly a year ago and has not been current since – LIE
  • Most of the sum was comprised of mortgage payments.
  • The real estate investments were in good condition at purchase.  The properties deteriorated with poor management by the others in this matter.
  • The agreement for the purchase of the clothing investment and other investments were subject to the principal sums being repaid together with 9% interest.  Sewer rat Toohey has ignored this fact completely.
  • Edelsten was defrauded when the Ohio property was purchased and the parties involved fraudulently extracted $400,000, which they retained and was not part of the purchase.
  • Sewer rat Toohey claims several times that Edelsten sold his interest in Allied Medical Group – he NEVER had an interest in Allied Medical Group.  Another Toohey LIE.
  • The Ohio and Memphis properties and the DR Casino were in good condition when purchased, and they could never be considered slums until after mismanagement unconnected with Edelsten.  How biased and with failed due diligence is the Toohey fabrication.
  • Further lies about flying to Sydney Swans games in a chopper – it happened only once.  Another LIE.
  • Was not struck off for over-billing – another LIE.
  • It is known by News Limited that his conviction was for soliciting Flannery to assault Evans.  Flannery was not known as a hitman at this time and Evans was never a client.  A further series of LIES when the truth was known to him.
  • Further, his claimed price of the diamond ring – not even close, but a deliberate falsehood where no effort was made to learn the truth!
  • Not one mention of the Chapter 11 or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy code and the allowances deemed proper.
  • Further outright lies of spending more than $40,000 per month – readers are being misled as this spending ceased well over 6 months ago, and as said above significant sums were mortgage repayments. Sewer rat and liar Toohey has made no effort to write the truth.
  • More LIES – flying first class – inferring that they were paid for.  First class flights were never purchased.
  • A lie in every paragraph – loans received from friends and Edelsten’s mother were prior to the Chapter 11 bankruptcy being filed.
  • Why did this outright LIAR not mention the fact that through testimony given in Court the owner of the House of Nurielle was bankrupt when she deceived Edelsten.  This admission was an important part of the legal transcript, but serial liar Toohey preferred to ignore it.
  • Again he mentions the sale of Allied Medical Group – a miniscule of research would have revealed that Edelsten had no interest.  Liar Toohey
  • How remiss of Toohey not to mention that Edelsten was entitled to receive all of his invested funds plus interest before his business partner received a cent.
  • More LIES regarding the changing of names on joint-venture titles – US lawyers discovered that companies were being falsely changed by the other parties and were reverted back to their original ownership.
  • Liar Toohey who fails to mention that the Challenger aircraft was sold by a broker for the best price attainable at the time.
  • Sewer rat Toohey deliberately fails to mention that the Appeal Court found that a receiver could not be appointed and Mawardis owed Edelsten more than $600,000.
  • Liar Toohey claims that a mortgage on the Tennessee property was given – totally untrue.  The property was sold.
  • Sewer rat Toohey also fails to mention that the contempt hearing did not take place as the Appeal Court found that there was no basis.
  • LIAR again – Edelsten had no money in the Norman South Trust.
  • The Trust was totally independent and paid its taxes – Edelsten was one of many beneficiaries – LIAR TOOHEY
  • The Trust commenced in 2006 and Edelsten never ‘vested control’ to others.  Another outright LIE
  • A more serious LIE – the Police Report reveals that Mawardi required no stitches and Edelsten had no connection with the alleged stabbing or allgeged injuries received by Mawardi.
  • As mentioned above, Edelsten had never hired a hitman.  Toohey fabricates factual matters.
  • Toohey LIES again regarding an alleged fling in Miami which did not occur.
  • Further examination of this disgraceful concoction reveals that it is biased, one sided and deplete of any relevant material favourable to Edelsten.

How the Editor of the Sunday Herald Sun can let this liar submit such a false story is unbelievable and a travesty.
Toohey, you liar and leader of the pack of sewer rats employed by News Limited, should be dismissed.

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