Stephen Drill : Herald Sun : King Of The Sewer Rats


Stephen Drill, Journalist

Herald Sun, News Corporation ASX:NWS,

29 November, 2015

This excuse for a journalist contributed an article for the Melbourne Sunday Herald Sun which was filled with lies and no effort was made to ascertain the truth or the opposing view.

His actions breach Journalists Code of Ethics and the story was so bad and full of his lies that Drill has been made King of the Sewer Rats. We are all familiar with gutter journalism but when it goes further, we have coined the term ‘Sewer Rat’.

There have been very few whose work is so poor that they deserve this title. News Limited leads Fairfax in this disgraceful category. Siobhan Duck was the leader until Drill has made his presence felt.

In analysing his story headlined “What the Doctor ordered” the truth can be told as Drill deliberately failed to obtain the truth and contributed lies.

Geoffrey Edelsten has never called Leanne Nesbitt for marital advice nor to give her advice for her atrocious handling of her Clive James affair and her ambushing him for A Current Affair.

It is absolutely absurd that Drill purports that Nesbitt paid anything for the Swans. She had no money except for what Edelsten gave her, and it was nothing like the two lots of $250,000 Edelsten paid in the early days of the Swans.

Nesbitt did not sign any cheques or documents in regard to the purchase of the Sydney Swans licence. Her statement that she had more cash than Edelsten is a blatant lie, never checked by Drill.

Drill did not give Edelsten any chance to deny all the lies told by Nesbitt and emphasised by Drill the sewer rat. The claimed losses on the Sydney Swans is again a lie. Drill never checked these figures – Edelsten did not lose anything like these sums.

The conviction is wrongly described and known to News Limited that the person involved was a criminal who threatened to kill Edelsten and his wife. Two former Supreme Court Judges have in reports made it clear that there was a miscarriage of justice.

Nesbitt had no claim to make that Edelsten sought pity or was erratic. In fact he successfully challenged the way medicine is practised in Australia, selling his business for a large sum.

Edelsten has never contacted Nesbitt for marital advice. In fact Edelsten has only made one call to Nesbitt in the last 30 years, regarding a story to be published in the Sydney Morning Herald about her claim of being hit on by an ex-Senator, which was untrue.

This Sewer Rat made no effort to find out the truth and wrote his story to emphasise the lies.

Stephen Drill, the sewer rat, is Australia’s Worst Journalist.

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