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By January 21, 2013 The Age

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Ben Butler, Journalist

The Age, Fairfax Media ASX:FXJ, Nov 30, 2012 and Dec 10, 2012

Ben Butler Synopsis : Journalistic Failure

  • Poor to very poor quality journalist formerly employed by the Herald Sun.
  • The better articles attributed to Butler were in fact written by other journalist(s) as Butler was not trusted.
  • Sad winner of the 2009 Australia’s Worst Journalist award.
  • News Limited must have been very pleased when they parted ways with Butler, ie. sacked.

  • Claims a familial relationship with Rupert Murdoch. As well as being deliberately false is laughable for if it were true then Butler was left with all the gene mutations responsible for his lack of intellect.
  • Now works for The Age, but with no microscopically visible improvement.
  • Exhibits a pathological hatred for Dr Edelsten, amongst others.
  • Lacking work ethic, lazy, lacking judgement, no research capability, poor writer.
  • Emotionally disturbed, massive inferiority complex, delusional, rampant conspiracy theorist.
  • Ben Butler credits his involvement in stories when there is a more talented journalist that generates the story. It is done this way because he simply can not be trusted.

In Australia we have some great journalists, amongst the best in the world. On the other hand we also have some real shonks, amongst the worst in the world, henceforth to be known as a “Ben Butler”, and the action is as ‘doing a Ben Butler’.

Being listed on Australia’s Worst Journalists Ben Butler is a disgrace. His claim that he is proud to be a winner is sad and misguided and, true to form, he is doing another Ben Butler. Please Ben don’t report about AWJ, please don’t tell people about AWJ, and for your mother’s sake don’t let her find out.

It must be difficult to make money in journalism because the journos like those listed here have to stoop to inventing stories, are over-the-top with their writing, are frequently defamatory, resort to invention where they can’t legitimately source news and so invent what they would like the news to be, and in many cases go far beyond.

In 2009 the public voted Ben Butler Australia’s Worst Journalist.

Ben Butler will likely poll poorly for 2012 because despite his ongoing articles continuing to exhibit the qualities of an extremely sad, poor and misguided journalist, Ben Butler for the better part has been silenced by his new employer, gagged and prevented from saying what he really thinks. News Limited must have been very pleased when they parted ways with Ben Butler in 2012 after being named the winner of Australia’s Worst Journalist award for 2009. For some inexplicable reason Fairfax Media picked up the useless Ben Butler but with strings attached.

Ben Butler see corrections to your 10/12/2012 and other articles as follows. The corrections here are not exhaustive.


“Edelsten, who in 1990 was found guilty of soliciting notorious contract killer Christopher Dale Flannery, aka Mr Rent-A-Kill, to assault a former patient,…” is wrong and misleading.

To make it clearer for the duplicitous, brain dead, wrong and misleading Ben Butler.

  • Geoffrey Edelsten denies the charge.
  • Ben Butler, Christopher Dale Flannery was in hospital and unable to attend his trial and the Dr Edelsten medical certification was proper and correct.
  • Ben Butler, during the trial the ‘Edelsten Amendment’ was formed by the Australian Government to make it illegal to phone tap and to use it as evidence.
  • Ben Butler, the judge decided to go ahead with the illegal phone tap evidence anyway and instructed the jury it was important when other much more innocent interpretations could be made.
  • Ben Butler, the phone tap was the only evidence.
  • Ben Butler, the phone tap was ambiguous, it was misinterpreted as being about a stalker/extortionist (not a former patient) when other innocent interpretations were just as likely.
  • Ben Butler, further detailed analysis of the evidence was undertaken by the retired Supreme Court Justice of Queensland Peter Connolly QC who concluded that the trial miscarried and that the jury was wrongly directed.
  • Ben Butler, Edelsten was the only person in Australia to be convicted based on illegal phone tap evidence.
  • Ben Butler, there was never a ‘former patient’, the charge does not say this.
  • Ben Butler, the supposed ‘former patient’ was actually the Edelstens stalker/extortionist named Stephen William Evans also known as Ralph Raymond Rayche.
  • Ben Butler, the former patient reference was invented by the media as at the time Dr Geoffrey Edelsten was operating the majority of Superclinics in Sydney. The media took the view that since Dr Edelsten operated the majority of the Superclinics in Sydney it was vaguely possible that Stephen William Evans may have perhaps attended one once (a typical media invention). In fact, Evans gave in sworn evidence that he had never been a patient of Dr Edelsten’s. How did you miss that one Ben Butler?
  • Ben Butler, the stalker/extortionist Evans left severed pigs heads at the Edelsten’s properties, sent bullets in the mail, sent Dr Edelsten’s head superimposed on pornographic pictures and sent to Dr Edelsten’s staff, stalked and intimidated then wife Leanne and more.
  • Ben Butler, the stalker/extortionist Evans (not a former patient) thwarted a police sting operation to catch him.
  • Ben Butler, the stalker/extortionist Evans (not a former patient) was later caught and charged with the stalking and attempted extortion of the Edelstens.
  • Ben Butler, the stalker/extortionist Evans (not a former patient) had his case adjourned due to police mishandling evidence.
  • Ben Butler, the stalker/extortionist Evans (not a former patient) got away with his stalking, harassment and attempted extortion of the Edelstens.
  • Ben Butler, the stalker/extortionist Evans (not a former patient) was later successfully charged with major Centrelink fraud resulting in a seven year prison sentence.
  • Ben Butler, the stalker/extortionist Evans (not a former patient) was never harmed in any way ever.
  • Ben Butler, Christopher Dale Flannery was not “notorious” in 1984, he was in fact not known, no evidence of his notoriety pre-dating 1984.
  • Ben Butler, Christopher Dale Flannery’s reputation came later. As Dr Edelsten denies the charges your sentence “soliciting notorious contract killer Christopher Dale Flannery” is incorrect and misleading.
  • Ben Butler, where you say “convicted criminal” you failed to say Dr Edelsten denies the charge, that a QC’s opinion was that the trial miscarried, that it was based on ambiguous and illegal evidence, that Dr Edelsten was the only Australian to be convicted based on this type of illegal evidence and that the evidence was the catalyst for the Australian Government instituting the Edelsten Amendment.
  • Ben Butler, your comment “But it appears the awards will survive because the website has since been transferred to a brand spanking new Edelsten company.” is incorrect and misleading. A change of registrant was completed as part of wide ranging maintenance work of Dr Edelsten’s extensive domains portfolio. Your implications and discussion is incorrect and misleading. Many of Dr Edelsten’s domains were amended during this time, it was a matter of keeping details up to date and correcting incorrect details with the registry. This doesn’t happen immediately. Your conclusions are your own, Ben Butler you have invented false, incorrect and misleading garbage. Best for you to hope no one requests warranty for your journalist services.
  • Ben Butler, your comment “which describes various female journalists as ”stupid”, ”ugly” and ”talentless”?” To even the score, Ben Butler is stupid, ugly and talentless. Justified stupid because you’ve missed details stated in corrections here.
    Justified ugly because your writing style, invention of defaming story, and biased approach is the worst kind of ugly.
    Justified talentless because a real journalist exhibits genuine research (beyond a Google search, whois public lookup, and invention) and an unbiased approach. You Ben Butler are more than stupid, ugly and talentless, Ben Butler is the embodiment of Australia’s Worst Journalist and the first winner of the disgraced title. If you still want a trophy consider your fat ugly head the trophy, polish it, put it on the mantle.

And without doing your job for you Ben Butler;

  • Ben Butler, your comment “Google lends a hand in journo smear campaign” is incorrect and misleading.
  • Ben Butler, your comment “Google is helping Geoffrey Edelsten’s smear campaign against journalists who write articles critical of the disgraced former doctor” is incorrect and misleading.
  • Ben Butler, your comment “CBD was able to track down adwords covering all but one of this year’s nominees. That would be bearded broadcaster Derryn Hinch” is incorrect and misleading.
  • Ben Butler, your comment “is at the centre of a financial crisis, with the company that owned the competition website collapsing under pressure from the taxman.” is incorrect and misleading.

So bumbling Ben Butler, there are many ways you could write your articles, here is a feast of info to help you. As your research clearly only got as far as Google and a public whois search, please send your research payment direct to Great Expectations Foundation Charity care of Australia’s Worst Journalist.

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