Ben Butler : The Age : Totally Unbalanced and Defamatory

The Age, Fairfax MediaBen Butler, The Age, Fairfax Media

Ben Butler, Journalist

The Age, Fairfax Media ASX:FXJ, Aug 27, 2013

Ben “the blatant liar” Butler is up to his old tricks again, fabricating a story full of lies, totally unbalanced and defamatory.

 It is well known that he was upset when he was overtaken as Australia’s Worst Journalist by his two gutter journalist colleagues, Chris ‘the vile vicious’ Vedelago and Mark ‘the malicious thorny’ Hawthorne. Does Fairfax Media have a monopoly on gutter journalism? As a result of the rubbish written in his column on 23 August 2013, the blatant liar Butler has soared in the ratings as Australia’s Worst Journalist. He uses ‘Business reporter’ as a title under his name, but as has been pointed out previously and often, he has no knowledge of business or finance affairs. His colleagues regard him as laughable – a joke! His column is asinine.

The blatant liar Butler wrote a piece on Geoffrey Edelsten which was fabricated and had many factual errors. There was no unco-operative carousel, he was not viewing his overseas investments and none, by the way, include restaurants.

His defamatory poison states ‘hitman hiring’ which is false, but what he most, because of error (or was it diatribe?) failed to mention was that there was never any hitman hiring (see Court transcripts), and that two former Supreme Court Judges have decided that he was falsely convicted.

It was good of him to consider the Victorian judiciary’s views that his philanthropy and changing medicine for the better, were laudable deeds. Indeed, that he is now a multimillionaire despite past adversities.

Unfortunately, the blatant liar Butler, did not email in a timely manner (it was the wrong address) and thus he submitted his rubbish story without the subject having the opportunity to comment.

Typical of the blatant liar Ben Butler.

He should now be voted as Australia’s Worst Journalist, as he has in past years. The editors of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age should be condemned for allowing the blatant liar Butler to fabricate untruthful stories. The sooner Fairfax terminates this incompetent contributor (he can’t be a journalist as they supposedly have ethics) the better.

It will be a pleasure to wish the blatant liar Butler farewell.

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