Ben Butler : The Age : Should Again Be Nominated Worst Journalist

The Age, Fairfax Media Ben Butler, The Age, Fairfax Media

Ben Butler, Journalist

The Age, Fairfax Media ASX:FXJ, Jul 1, 2011

Butler must again be nominated as Australia’s Worst Journalist. Whilst he authors stories for the business section of The Age newspaper, they are factually incorrect, punctuated by information gained by misleading sources in a dishonest and unethical way.

It is bewildering that Fairfax would maintain the employment of such an incompetent journalist, whose knowledge of business practices is non existent.

He uses the pretext of a business story to be malicious and attack individuals, stating matters which are factually incorrect and could be easily checked for their veracity if the aim was not just to demean and defame.

Ben Butler, you’re well deserve to be labelled Australia’s Worst Journalist.

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