Karl Quinn : The Age : Karl Quinn Pays a High Price being Misleading and Deceptive

By December 20, 2012 The Age

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Karl Quinn, Journalist

The Age, Fairfax Media ASX:FXJ, Dec 17, 2012

UNFORTUNATELY for Karl Quinn of The Age he has had a brain malfunction and produced a misleading and deceptive article to have him nominated into the Australia’s Worst Journalist Awards for 2012.


Without doing Karl Quinn’s job for him Australia’s Worst Journalist will make a correction to his misleading article.


Where Karl Quinn says;
“Justice Beach ruling in the Supreme Court on Monday against his claim for costs.” is incorrect and misleading.

To correct the misleading Karl Quinn;

Justice Beach had previously ordered all costs against Ms Stacy Da Silva. Dr Edelsten’s application on Monday that part of the costs be met by Ms Da Silva’s lawyers was not successful but an appeal is being considered.

Put a little clearer for the misleading Karl Quinn;

Dr Geoffrey Edelsten won costs against Ms Stacy Da Silva.

Dr Geoffrey Edelsten has not won costs against Ms Stacy Da Silva’s lawyers.

Dr Geoffrey Edelsten is considering an appeal that part of the costs be met by Ms Da Silva’s lawyers.



As Dr. Geoffrey Edelsten submits the following;

Att: Karl Quinn,
Entertainment Editor,
The Age
by email: kquinn@theage.com.au

Dear Mr. Quinn,

Your article today was unbalanced, non-factual and deliberately misleading.

You failed to make it clear that, as well as winning the case against Ms da Silva, with an order for payment of the loaned sum plus interest, the maintenance of confidentiality and an injunction and suppression order against the media, including extremely biased journalists such as you.  You deliberately failed to mention that Beach J ordered complete costs on an indemnity basis against the defendant da Silva.  We estimate that these will exceed AU$150,000.

Whilst we were not successful in our litigation against the defendant’s lawyers, the sum to be recovered under His Honour’s orders, more than makes up for this.

Why was this critical element of the orders omitted from your story?  This indicates that you are biased and vindictive.  You are henceforth nominated as Australia’s Worst Journalist.

cc: Andrew Holden, Editor-in-Chief email: aholden@theage.com.au

pdf PDF: Letter from Geoffrey Edelsten to Karl Quinn

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