Lawrence Money : The Age : Evil, Misleading, Deceptive

The Age, Fairfax Media Lawrence Money, The Age, Fairfax Media

Lawrence Money, Journalist

The Age, Fairfax Media ASX:FXJ, January 1, 2011

Lawrence (no) money is a rodent (his picture is very rat-like), who thankfully is nearing the end of the most inept and unheralded career. How Paul Ramadge, Editor-in-Chief of The Age, can continue to employ such an evil, misleading and deceptive employee, beggars belief.

Mr Money makes no attempt to be truthful, and believes sarcasm, is all that is required. He is so jealous of the Herald Sun, with its ten times more readers, that he attempts to demean their accurate reports with his lies and incomplete vitriolic diatribes.

Paul Ramadge, it is time you rid your newspaper of this snakey contributor, and try to reinvent The Age into the great broadsheet it once was.

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