James Frost : The Australian : A Late Entry into Australia’s Worst Journalist Awards 2011

The Australian, News Corporation James Frost, The Australian, News Corporation

James Frost, Journalist

The Australian, News Corporation ASX:NWS, Dec 29, 2011

A late but compelling entry for AWJ 2011 has come in. The so called “business journalist” James Frost at The Australian recently contacted one of our contributors for an interview with the intention to write a story to be published in The Australian newspaper. The terms and subject matter of the interview were agreed, points of order for the article were researched by James Frost and agreed to. From all accounts the interview went well.

Despite all of James Frost’s representations both verbally and in writing he resorted to an inventive story, a cocktail of lies, manipulation of information, deliberately degrading the interviewees, the use of irrelevant photos that was promised would not be used, not performing relevant research, or ignoring such relevant research so as to bias the story.

James Frost contrived a story where the main focus was on a prospective future project that the interviewees had not at this time looked at nor evaluated. The interviewees had not been pre-warned about questions pertaining to the project, and their individual existing contracts would have prevented them discussing the project and the “interview” proceeding in the manner it did. James Frost invented “news” to be sold and distributed at the expense of the interviewees, and in breach of The Australian’s readership trust. Using the interviewees names to promote the prospective project, he used the article as a marketing tool to gain traction and put false and misleading ideas out into the public domain. Frost’s apparent corruption in the matter needs to be investigated; and one has to wonder as to whether he owns shares in the subject company.

As a business journalist James Frost is required to report FACTS and not to resort to science fiction outrivalling Hubbard. Frost is unscrupulous and provides undertakings which are not honoured and are false, and are replaced by fabricated stories. All prospective interviewees are forewarned of the perils they face should they talk to Mr Frost (just hang up the phone). All potential readers of a James Frost article are forewarned that his stories may be a thing of fiction gone corrupt and cannot be relied upon.

As a direct result of shamefacedly lying directly to the subject, taking good will and turning it on its head, unethical journalism in the extreme, a rogue, not to be trusted, Mr James Frost, Business Journalist for The Australian newspaper, “The Deceptive”, you are our lucky number 1 pick for 2011, our recommended winner. Lucky for Mr Frost – he just squeezed in within the deadline for 2011 for the very best of Australia’s Worst Journalists. By default the lucky Mr Frost has also had his publisher, The Australian, nominated which was not previously in the running.

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