Annette Sharp : The Daily Telegraph : AUSTRALIA’S WORST JOURNALIST

The Daily Telegraph, News Corporation Annette Sharp, The Daily Telegraph, News Corporation

Annette Sharp, Journalist

The Daily Telegraph, News Corporation ASX:NWS, August 9, 2012

Sharp often writes for The Daily Telegraph stories based upon fabricated, dishonest and obnoxious musings of FIONA BYRNE of the Melbourne Herald Sun, a leading nomination as Australia’s Worst Journalist.

Her stories contain the same factual errors, errors by deliberate omission, and the targets of her unwarranted, unfair and unbalanced diatribe, seriously defamed.

The Editor of The Daily Telegraph should immediately terminate Sharp as neither he nor his employer would most certainly want to be engaged in litigation.

One of her targets was alleged to have committed fraud. There is no evidence of this and another target is described as having been bought up in a location which is factually wrong and seriously defamatory. This disgusting concoction and lies should be retracted and an apology issued immediately. The editor can facilitate this action before or after Sharp’s termination.

Sharp’s entire vitriolic attack was meant to harm her targets with no justification.

ANNETTE SHARP, you deserve to be nominated AGAIN as Australia’s Worst Journalist and the editor of The Daily Telegraph should, if there is any integrity, dismiss you immediately.

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