Annette Sharp : The Daily Telegraph : Liar, Liar, Liar

The Daily Telegraph, News Corporation Annette Sharp, The Daily Telegraph, News Corporation

Annette Sharp, Journalist

The Daily Telegraph, News Corporation ASX:NWS, September 22, 2012

It is sad that this excuse for a journalist must be nominated AGAIN as Australia’s Worst Journalist.

What a lie that she strives for accuracy and fairness.
In her article 22nd September 2012 in The Daily Telegraph she ignored the true facts and denigrated a regular contributor to this site.  She stated “he was convicted for soliciting a hitman”- LIE “to assault a former patient”- LIE
Basic research and The Daily Telegraph’s files reveal that this is defamatory rubbish.
She also states that she has critiqued many business investments – LIE and tanning products – LIE.
She has no idea of the huge number of hits on the Australia’s Worst Journalist site – another LIE.
ANNETTE SHARP – you are just a liar with few journalistic achievements, and your editor and News Limited should put an end to the lies you propagate weekly.

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