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Welcome to Australia's Worst Journalist

Covers Newspapers, Books, Radio, and TVThe public and more particularly, the subject of a journalist's diatribe, have very few courses open to them to express their disagreement or displeasure with the article published in widely read publications, and then remaining on the internet for an indeterminate period.

This website has been set up to attempt to rectify this imbalance, and allow members of the public to vent their views.

Journalists are required to comply with a code of ethics, but in almost every case reported below, the journalist has breached this code in one or more ways by deliberately publishing factual errors, to which no named source is attributed, fabricating matters and being blatantly dishonest, being totally unbalanced and unfair when they have been given the true facts from their subject, but fail to publish these as an answer to the journalist's point of view.

In addition, many plagiarise the views of others so that the same factual errors are perpetuated.


Worst Journalist Awards 2013 (closes 30/04/14)

Worst Publisher Awards 2013 (closes 30/04/14)